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Welcome to Secret Oceans
Join me as I share my how-to ideas, bringing the beauty of these coastal wonders to life.


Welcome to Secret Oceans! I’m Cathy Jennings, a devoted enthusiast of sea glass and driftwood and the author behind Since 2012, I’ve been sharing the magic of coastal treasures. Join me on this seaside journey, where i explore the beauty and stories hidden within every piece of sea glass and driftwood. If you have any questions or just want to chat about the wonders of the shore, feel free to reach out!

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You will find a lot of the items that i create available on Etsy. If you cant find what you are looking for, please get in touch and ill be more than happy to help.

What is Driftwood

The term driftwood represents the weathered remains of trees that have been in the sea for some time, and i mean some time! Its the remains of trees that have spent anywhere from a year to even upto a decade. In history, driftwood has been used by many culture as a form of shelter, and the tools too make the shelter? ..they were also created using driftwood. Today, driftwood is oftent found in items for home decoration, and even furniture. I love making driftwood candle holder, mirrors, sconces and other things that have been naturally bought to me by the ocean.

What is Sea Glass

After many years of falling in love with the oceans, and after my first discoveries of driftwood, I was lucky enough to discover sea glass. I had heard of it before but I didn’t know how magical it was, and was unaware of the similar process it goes through to get to us, a lot like driftwood. After finding that sea glass travels with driftwood around the world in the oceans, it soon became my next favorite crafting material. The frosted smooth look of it compliments any craftwork or jewelry, and like driftwood, it also holds some magical history and stories.

This is a place where i share my love for driftwood and sea glass

driftwood scupture by artists

Driftwood Art: Sculpting Nature’s Canvas

During my journey, I’ve learnt that there are many artists that make life-size sculptures from driftwood. I was amazed over the size and beauty of the work. Take a look at the photo on the left of two horses created using natural driftwood. When I saw this photo it drew me in even further, and it made me think of the size of things that people have ever created using driftwood, and found that back in history, many people would use driftwood to build shelters to protect their families from the storms. A house in history at one time, to a horse in a back garden at another. Which makes the journey of the driftwood even more interesting for me.

Sea Glass Art: Crafting Oceanic Elegance

I find that sea glass art captures the beauty of ocean-tumbled treasures. Craftsmen and artists sort sea glass by color and shape, creating stunning mosaics, jewelry, and interesting designs. Each piece of sea glass tells a story of its journey, from broken glass to polished gems. I feel that the colors and shapes of sea glass are like a reminder of times gone by, inviting us to explore the blend of history, nature, and craftsmanship.

My website is a place where i share my journey with driftwood and sea glass, from collecting, to crafts.

Coastal Colors of Sea Glass

Come along on a trip through the different shapes and sizes of driftwood, each with its own tale from the sea. See how weathered branches turn into smooth, sculpted forms, making a collection of shapes that show the power of wind and waves. Check out the interesting art in the various ways driftwood can express itself.

Driftwood Shapes

Join me on a journey through the many shapes and sizes of driftwood, each piece tells a story and give us a glimpse into our past. Witness weathered branches transformed into smooth, sculptural forms, creating a display of shapes that reflect the natural forces of wind and waves.

Art of Sea Glass Weathering

Learn how sea glass gets its smooth, frosted look and how driftwood shapes get their unique textures through natural weathering. See how salt, sea, wind, and time dance together, turning broken bottles into beautiful coastal artwork.

Crafting Safety Tips

Before you start your sea glass and driftwood projects, remember the simple safety tips i share. Keep your crafting fun and protect the beach by learning how to handle, clean, and reuse these cool things. Make sure you have a safe and happy crafting times.

How Things Change

Learn about how sea glass and driftwood change. Wind, water, and time work together to shape these treasures. Find out about the earthy processes that make these natural things beautiful.

Why They Matter

See why people care about sea glass and driftwood. Different cultures have used and loved them throughout history. From old stories to new art, these beachy things have always been important. Find out about all the stories behind them.

Welcome to my findings of driftwood and sea glass 

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