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Colorful Scallop Shells – Craft & Decor in 3 Sizes


Colorful scallop shells (3 sizes) for crafts & decor. Pinks, oranges & more! Jewelry, decor & DIY. Free UK shipping.

Bring a burst of color to your crafts and decor with these Vibrant Scallop Seashells! Available in a range of sizes (100g, 200g, 300g) with varying shell quantities, you’ll find the perfect amount for your project.

Sizes range from 50mm-70mm and include stunning pinks, oranges, and more!


  • Choose from 3 convenient sizes (100g, 200g, 300g)
  • Vibrant colors (pinks, oranges, and more)
  • Natural scallop shells (50mm-70mm)
  • Ideal for DIY projects, coastal decor, and jewelry making
  • Free UK postage

Quantity per Size:

Size Approximate Quantity Price
Small (100g) 9 Shells £5.49
Medium (200g) 17 Shells £5.79
Large (300g) 23 Shells £6.19

Pack Size

£5.49 (9 shells approx), £5.79 (17 shells approx), £6.19 (23 shells approx)

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