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Hey, I’m Cathy, the creative force behind Secret Oceans Blog, where the enchanting world of ocean art, craft, design, and décor comes to life.

As a devoted beach enthusiast, I’m excited to invite you into my world and share my experiences that reveal the beauty and creativity hidden in every piece of the ocean.

cathy-jennings-secret-oceans-218x300Join me on a journey through the mesmerizing realm of sea glass and driftwood, not only exploring techniques but also the stories behind each piece, whether it’s perfecting sea glass pendants or mastering the art of resin pouring for breathtaking effects.

Beyond crafting, it’s about love for our planet. I’m thrilled to share my partnership with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit committed to global reforestation. Sustainability is a core value, and together, we’re contributing to a greener, healthier world.

My blog is a treasure trove of educational content, from sea glass and driftwood collecting tips to creating your very own unique sea glass necklace. Here I talk about sea glass properties, and color meanings, and even address questions like whether driftwood can rot.

Whether you’re into DIY projects like sea glass terrariums or looking for the best driftwood for your aquarium, I hope you find the information you are looking for. From driftwood and glass coffee tables to sculptures, I hope my blog guides you in using nature’s beauty in your living space.

Join me in drawing inspiration from the beaches, exploring ocean wonders, and creating pieces that tell stories of the sea.

Welcome to Secret Oceans Blog, a haven where creativity meets the tides!


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