From Beach Lover to Driftwood Artist: The Secret Oceans Story

Welcome to Secret Oceans! I'm Cathy, and I create unique homeware and wedding table centerpieces using beautiful, natural driftwood.
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A Spark of Creativity

The beach has always been my happy place – a place of peace, fresh air, and endless beauty. 

It was there, while running a caravan park, that I met a group with autistic children. 

One day, they returned from a trip with a box of driftwood, planning to create a heart.

I was captivated by the smooth, light-colored wood, unlike anything I’d seen before. It sparked a creativity I didn’t know I had. 

The next day, they showed me their creations: two beautiful driftwood hearts and a wind mobile.

From Inspiration to Secret Oceans

Seeing their joy and the beauty they made from simple materials inspired me. I knew I had to give it a try. 

So, I started collecting driftwood from the same beach. That’s how Secret Oceans began.

Today, I handcraft unique home decor using driftwood, from mirrors to wedding table centerpieces. It’s incredibly rewarding to create pieces that bring happiness to my family, friends, and even strangers on their special days.

Secret Oceans is my way of sharing the magic of the beach and the beauty of driftwood with you.

Driftwood Tealight Candle Holder Wedding Table Centerpiece (4)
Cathy Jennings - Secret Oceans - Driftwood Coastal Decor

Cathy Jennings

Im Cathy, founder of Secret Oceans. Inspired by the beauty of the beach, I handcraft unique home decor and wedding table centerpieces using natural driftwood.

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wedding table centerpieces from secret oceans
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