Steps to painting your own driftwood

Painting driftwood can be a fun and creative way to transform an ordinary piece of wood into a beautiful work of art. In this article, ill show you all the steps you’ll need to know to paint driftwood. Table of Contents: Gather The Supplies Prep The Driftwood Choose The Paint Painting Techniques Finishing Touches Frequently […]

How to Wash Driftwood for Crafting

If you’re gearing up for a project, the very first step is to prepare and wash the driftwood. Follow along with my handy step-by-step guide, and soon you’ll be working with beautifully washed driftwood for your next masterpiece To wash driftwood for crafting, start by scrubbing off debris and loose dirt with a brush. Soak […]

How to Polish Sea Glass: A Simple Step by Step Guide

Polishing sea glass helps bring out the hidden beauty in these pieces of seaside treasure. In this article, I’ll show you how I polish my sea glass and give you some tips and tricks you can use when polishing yours.  I’ll also touch on some of the things that you should avoid. Things That You […]

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